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Indianapolis Handyman rates, costs, prices for home repair
This is a List of Indianapolis Handyman prices (LABOR) for standard services (things I do frequently)
Cost to install your Folding Attic Stairs/Ladder (folding wood or aluminum)
  $ 130.00 (to fit in between standard 24" on center joists)
  $ 210.00 if joists have to be cut for wider opening

Cost to install your Ceiling fan
  $ 80.00 (using 6 foot step ladder)
Cost to install your Dishwasher (replacement only)
  $ 98.00 (plus parts if needed)
  Note: If you do not want to dispose of your old
  dishwasher, i can take care of that for $ 50.00

Cost to install your Entry door

  $ 150.00  Single door (plus cost of trim parts if needed) 
  $ 325.00  Double door (plus parts if needed. Two men

Cost to install your Garbage disposal (replacement only)
  $ 90.00 (plus parts if needed)

Cost to install your Garage door opener
  $ 80.00  (replacing old one)
  $ 100.00  (installing from scratch)

Cost to install your Microwave
  $ 89.00  (if electrical outlet has to be installed, add $ 40.00)
                This charge does include removing a range hood if
                you presently have one in place.
Cost to install your Storm door

  $  90.00 - If you have a glass "sidelite" next to door, add
      85.00 for each one
Handyman hourly rate Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Broad Ripple, Indiana

Here is my "
Handyman hourly rate" for your To Do list

     $45.00 for first hour--$40.00 per hour after
(I subtract any time spent on breaks)

   Note:  If you shop the various handyman franchises, they are charging $50.00 to $60.00 per hour. They may give you a "quote", but it works out to be $50.00 to $60.00 per hour based on their data.

   A well known company advertises "Handyman for a Day" for $400.00 (or more) for 8 hours. $400.00 divided by 8 hours is $50.00 per hour. $470.00 divided by 8 is $58.75

   I could charge more and offer coupons--but why not offer you a lower rate all the time? Besides, I can do a lot of work in a few hours!
Handyman4You charges according to what you need done-

•  If you want something done from the list of standard services below, it is a fixed cost.

•  If you want me to take care of your "To Do" list, I charge an hourly rate (scroll down).

•  If you have painting, remodeling, window repair, etc... needs, I will furnish a quote.