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I can Install your Flat Screen TV in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers Indiana

Offering Quality, lower cost installation/ mounting of Your Flat screen

Maybe you have already purchased that new Flat Screen TV. Maybe you are still shopping for one. Whatever the case, you have several options for having it installed. You can choose from several installation providers if you live in the indianapolis, carmel, fishers, castleton, noblesville, westfield, lawrence and other areas of Indiana.

  Use the installation services of the store where you purchased-if they offer it. This can be a little pricey, especially for any cables that are needed. They may also be so busy, they cannot get yours installed quickly.

  Use a company that specializes in these types of installations. Most are very good at delivering a sound install with no mess. There are several of these outfits in the Indianapolis area.They are certified, have technical expertise and can even provide brackets and cables if needed. They are also pretty busy around the holidays.

  Use a handyman. Most handymen or handywomen are able to perform this service. A drawback is some may not be proficient on the tech side of it. Before hiring, make sure they have done this type of installation before.
I put just as much quality and care into mounting a flat screen TV as i do my other work. And i can do this for a lower cost than the big boys. How?

  Simple. My overhead is lower (no vehicle fleet, marketing costs are less, no leasing of office or warehouse space, office personnel, commissions, , etc....)
Need your television picked up at the store? I can do that for you too, at no extra charge.
There are three installation options -

Basic (cables not hidden)
• Deluxe
(cables are hidden)
• Over fireplace
(cables are hidden where possible)

A mounting bracket that TILTS is better than one that is "fixed" or low profile. A tilting bracket is much better for over the fireplace mounting! Shop for one that allows at least a 12 degree tilt. Some will go to 15 degrees or more.

Basic wall mounting $ 99.00.
This includes mounting Your bracket to the wall, hanging the TV, hooking up Your cables to the components. Wiring is visible-not hidden.

  Note: If your cable box and TV both have a HDMI port (shown below), you will use a HDMI cable for the connection. Make sure you get one that is long enough! If needed, i can supply a 6 foot cable for you at less than $10.00.

Okay, how much does it cost to install my flat screen TV? And how long do you warranty the installation?

Flat Screen TV mounted on wall
Deluxe wall mounting $ 189.00.
This type of install is more involved.

This is mounting your bracket to the wall, installing an electrical outlet behind the TV, hanging the TV, hooking up your cables to the components. Cables are hidden behind drywall when possible. This is if your DVD player, and other equipment is below the TV. If your equipment is located elsewhere, i can speak with you by phone or even drop by to discuss the options.

Over the fireplace mounting $ 319.00  (your bracket and cable)Electrical outlet installed behind TV. Cables are hidden when possible.

           * Outlet cannot be installed on brick or stone. 

                      Warranty on Installation: 2 years.

Don't want to mess with buying a bracket and the cables? I can supply those for you at a reasonable cost.

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Flat screen TV mounted over fireplace
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